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WebEye - Your stable partner

Dear Customers,

Let me start by saying how proud I am of my colleagues, all WebEye employees, who demonstrated utmost flexibility and discipline reorganizing their lives and provide for the uninterrupted operation of our service, mainly through home office now. I am sure you have not noticed the difference and are able to enjoy the usual high standards using our service, which supports continuous transportation of goods and logistics, activities of key importance in a critical time like this.

In the past weeks we have been closely monitoring current events in all 12 countries where WebEye serves customers through local colleagues, and whenever necessary, we take immediate measures to protect the health of our employees and customers in these critical days/weeks. Obviously, all our actions are in compliance with the rules and recommendations by local governments and health organizations, in order to be fully committed partners in the attempt to contain the spread of the virus. As part of these efforts, we consistently ask our employees to handle the current situation with responsibility and discipline not only at the workplace but also in their private life and follow the central recommendations and guidelines.

Accordingly, we have changed the routine of serving customers, so in the coming period of time, we remain at your service with the same expertise but only via digital channels. We are prepared for all needs: our colleagues are available on Skype, Teams, Viber or any other platform you may request/ suggest, and also, you can reach us on our usual telephone numbers, of course. This means that we can support your daily work at the usual high quality and fulfil your requests for new services.

One of the most critical issues for us is how to solve technical installation, which constitutes an essential part of the service. Our technical team developed a process where our installers and our customers’ colleagues and drivers can get the installation and repair work done with zero contact between them, thereby protecting the health of everyone involved. We take the process so seriously that we do not even undertake an ordered job unless zero contact is guaranteed. In addition, of course our installers have all necessary protective gear as extra protection against the risk of infection. Should the public health situation deteriorate or more stringent decisions be made by local governments, we are ready to suspend further installations for the sake of our employees.

I trust that this period will be over real soon and everything returns to normal. Till then, do take good care of yourself, your beloved ones and colleagues!

We wish you all the best of health.

Pál Németh
Chief Executive Officer