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Information about GDPR regulation

We also strive to help you integrate our services into your own work procedures and systems in compliance with the data protection requirements.

Throughout the preparation for the GDPR, in the coming months we will:

  • provide you with all required information to ensure a smooth transition to the new data protection regulation,
  • prepare to support you with information and practical advice as to how our services that you use and the related GDPR duties can be interpreted in terms of your internal processes to ensure that you can successfully fulfil your own obligations in the GDPR introduction in your processes where you qualify as Data controller or processor.
  • define the guidelines we set for ourselves as requirements and execute these consistently in our operation.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the adaptation of the data protection regulation, please let us know at themarketing@int.webeye.euemail address; we count on your cooperation.

For further information on the data protection regulation, please click on the below link: