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Largest domestic telematics company introduces new service policy

Telematics, satellite vehicle tracking and processing the extracted data, has undergone explosive growth over the past decade. Market novelties and customer needs together have pushed development forward. First of all, the development of hardware devices that are seamlessly operating under extreme conditions, providing reliable data, and the increasingly widespread usability of these data, was the main direction of innovation. With the proliferation of easily accessible mobile devices, 4G networks and publicly available databases, the focus has been on business and service innovations.

That's why WebEye decided to change its approach and business policy, and to abolish entry fees for its newly introduced pricing packages and to make its full range of telematics services available in monthly payment basis. Experience has shown that upfront costs, such as on-board equipment and accessories (fuel probes, etc.), plus delivery and installation fees, have kept away many smaller businesses from using telematics innovations. Even amongst major freight forwarders telematics services could appear as a significant item on the cost side.

The elimination of start-up costs is not the only reason why the service approach became popular. In the case of telematics hardware installed in vehicles, not only the purchase price, delivery and installation costs are saved by the user, but the service provider also undertakes the replacement and repair of the devices. These are also essential part of Telematics-as-a-Service. For WebEye, the previous 24-month general instrument guarantee will be replaced in the new tariff packages by a continuous replacement and repair warranty valid for the duration of the service agreement, which will release corporate decision makers from many headaches throughout the contractual period.

In the case of a new service offer, an average company, depending on technical configuration, can save a one-time cost of up to EUR 800 per vehicle compared to the traditional entry fee service model. The system to be launched in the second quarter of this year is available for both current and future customers of the company when purchasing new subscriptions, regardless of company size and vehicle types used.